How To Dehydrate Oranges In Air Fryer? In Details Process

An orange is one of the most common food eaten all across the globe. It provides carbs, water, protein, fiber, and so much more. However, a regular orange does not have that much of a shelf life which is why people are more and more trying to dehydrate it using an air fryer, oven, or even a microwave. But how to dehydrate oranges in air fryer is the big question.

We came up with an article, that will provide a step by step guide on dehydrating and orange in an air fryer and also other methods that you can easily perform at home.

 What is an air fryer

An air fryer is now everywhere. People are using it to make their daily dishes at home as it requires 95% less oil then traditional cooking. Moreover, the appliance also does to reduce the food value and taste of the food.

It is more like an amped up counter top; however, there are some differences. The appliance mimics the functionality of a deep fryer but without the oil, using only hot air. It has a heating mechanism which uses hot air to cook the food in the basket. Moreover, you can also use it as a dehydrator to dehydrate any fruits you like.

 Why Dehydrate an Orange

We love Christmas; however, did you know, during the 1800 in time of queen Victoria, dried fruits were the most common Christmas décor. As, following that tradition for so many years now, we have started to make these at home. Moreover, it is far easier and cheaper than buying.

That is why many people are looking on how to dehydrate oranges in air fryer or using their traditional ovens. Furthermore, dehydrating fruits also makes a great night time snack.

 Ingredients and Equipment that you will need

Wanting to prepare a batch of dried oranges at home, at first you will require some ingredients and equipment.

First and for most you will require oranges, as we are dehydrating oranges, then some vinegar, preferably white vinegar for washing. You will also need a sharp knife and most importantly an air fryer that has a dehydrator function. Moreover, keep some airtight jars or plastic food bags for storing the dehydrated oranges.


Equipment Picture

Fresh Orange

Kitchen Knife

Airtight jar

Withe Vinegar jug

Air Fryer with Dewydrate Feature


How to Dehydrate Oranges in an air fryer

Here is the entire process in depth of how to dehydrate oranges in air fryer easily at home –

  • First wash your oranges, removing any stem or leaf. You can use tap water to rinse the oranges; however, a white vinegar solution is a good option. Simply use half a cup of white vinegar in a liter of water and then use that to soak the oranges.


  • Now, you slice those oranges. Make little orange rings using a sharp knife. Do not make them too thick and also try to cut them as evenly as possible in terms of thickness for more even dehydrating.


  •  After that take out your air fryer and start loading the orang rings in the basket. Arrange in a single layer and avoid overlapping as that will cover the portion which will not dehydrate.


  • Then set the temperature of the air fryer to 120°F for at least 6 hours till the oranges become red. However, it can take almost from to 12 hours 15 hours depending on the amount of the oranges in the basket.


  • There you have your dehydrated oranges ready for use. Now, store them in a airtight jar or a food plastic bag which will prevent the moisture from getting inside.


That is how you use an air fryer and dehydrate oranges at home easily. These are great for decoration as well as a perfect mid night snack.


How to Dehydrate Oranges in the Oven

Now you know to easy it is to dehydrate orange in an air fryer, but what if you do not have an air fryer at your disposal? Then you can always use your traditional ovens for that purpose. Moreover, it is easier than you think.

First, preheat your oven at 200 degrees and put a parchment paper layer on a cookie sheet. Then put your orange slices or rings on the paper without overlapping. The reason for using a layer of paper is because without that the oranges will stick to the pan.


Now put the tray in the oven for at least 4 hours or until the oranges turn red and flip them on a hour gap. Then take the tray out of the oven and cool it on a wire rack. So, you have it, your homemade dehydrated oranges made without an air fryer.



How to Dehydrate Oranges in a microwave

You can also use your microwave to dehydrate oranges at home. It is a very fast way; however, you will require to put multiple layers of papers under the oranges.

You will need a microwave safe plate on which put five layers of paper which will soak up all the water from the oranges. The reason for five papers rather than using one is that in an air fryer or an oven the water gets quickly evaporated. However, in a microwave that is not the case. So, put multiple layers of papers to soak up all the excess water from the oranges.

Now, on the plate lay out the slices without overlapping and top it off with a another layer of paper. The top paper is not necessary but we recommend it, as it helps in the process of dehydrating oranges in a microwave.

If you use a microwave for dehydrating oranges then at tops it will take seven minutes. You just have to flip them in between and you are good to go. After seven minutes use the defrost setting on your microwave for another five minutes.

Now, check if you see a jelly like consistency. Check with your finger by touching them and seeing if the finger has no moisture, then they are perfect. If you see some moisture then they need to go back in the microwave.


Finally, take them out, cool them and store them for a use or snacks whenever you crave a dehydrated orange.


Uses of Dehydrated Oranges

Dehydrated oranges or fruits have been around since the 1800’s and they are widely used for Christmas decorations and snacks.

Apart from that you can use them in your crafts to give it more appealing look; moreover, you can use some spices and eat them as a snack with your evening tea.

Are Dehydrated Oranges good for your health

When dehydrate an orange it only losses the water in the fruit, apart from that every nutrition element remains the same. It is sweet and sour treat, high in vitamin C. That is very essential for your bones. connective tissues, blood vessels, and muscle inflammation.

Moreover, it also helps your body to absorb iron which increases cells production. So, in sort they are a great addition in your diet. Eat a whole orange or dehydrate them and store them to eat when ever you feel.

How long do they last

A regular orange last around a week in your shelf if not refrigerated. In a fridge they can last for few more weeks. However, that does not cut the cake and wanting for more shelf life of an orange is not possible.

On the other hand dehydrating them is an option to add more shelf life to them. If you dehydrate oranges in an air fryer, oven or microwave and store them in an airtight container or sealed bag, then you are looking at 2 to 3 month without any issues.


Oranges are great for your health. They provide with nutrients that your body requires for a well balanced functionality. However, they do not stay fresh for very long and in that case dehydrating them a good option using an air fryer. But how to dehydrate oranges in air fryer at home.

Our article is all about that, giving you a step by step guide on using your air fryer to dehydrate oranges. However, we also included some other option of dehydrating oranges in case you do not have an air fryer lying around the house.  

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