Why is My Air Fryer Not Heating Up? East Way to Fix

Air fryers are the modern day cooking appliance that use way less oil and prepare your food without reducing any on the nutrient value of the food. However, it is an electronic device and issues can surf up anytime, one of which is the heating issue. So, why is my air fryer not heating up?

We have the answer and also the reason which will help you resolve the problem in no time. So, keep reading and you will have a running air fryer again in no time.

 What is an air fryer?

Everywhere you look there is an air fryer. As it uses 95% less oil than traditional cooking, people are making their daily dishes at home with it. Furthermore, the appliance reduces the food value and taste. 

Although it looks like a countertop, there are some differences. Hot air is used instead of oil to simulate the functionality of a deep fryer. Hot air is used to cook the food in the basket using a heating mechanism. Furthermore, it can also be used as a dehydrator to dehydrate any fruit you wish.

 Reasons why your air fryer is not heating up

Sometimes there are some minor issues that can cause the air fryer not to heat properly. Here are some reasons why your appliance is not working the way it should be –


Most of the for an electronic device is the cable which turns out to be the main culprit. When you see that your air fryer is not working, firstly check the cables or the power cord. Check for faulty lines and any tear in the cord. Moreover, also take look at the mechanism inside with a multimeter.


Most air fryers now have pre temp settings; however, if you did not set it up for a particular food item manually then the air fryer will not heat automatically. Check that setting and that might be the reason.

Cooking time

The cooking time setting also plays its part in being one of the reasons why your air fryer is not heating up. Most of the time when you forget to set the timer the appliance does not start automatically.



Close the door properly to get the machine up and running. If you put too much food and the door is closed properly then it will not work.

 The Heating element

The heating element is the mechanism which is the reason why your air fryer cooks the food inside. However, if none of the above reasons are not the issue then it is probably the heating element.


Things to check to know the reason

Here is a check list of the things you need to check when your air fryer is not heating up

Check your air fryer power cord


First thing to check is the power cord. Look for any tear or rip on the wire; moreover, you should check the power and also check the connecting port for any issues. If there is a fault then simply change the cord. However, you should check the outlet of the air fryer as sometimes the problem is not the machine itself.

Check the amount of food in the air fryer


The amount of food you put in might disrupt the closing of the door. That leads to the appliance not starting or heating up. So, check the air fryer door if it is shut properly. You should check the basket for any issues with the lock.

Check the temperature of your air fryer


An air fryer now comes with pre temperature settings which you can use with simple push of a button. However, you can also set the temp manually for a particular food item. In that case check the settings for any issues. If the temp is not pre set then the device will not start heating up automatically.

Check Air Fryer Timer  


The timer sets the duration of how long will the food be inside the air fryer and how long the device will have to heat till it is cooked. If the timer is not set then the air fryer will not heat up. In that case check if you set the timer before pressing on the start button.

Check the air fryer heating element


If all else is working perfectly and you have gone through the check list to find the issue and did not find any, then it is the heating element of the appliance. It is a type of mechanism that is responsible for heating functionality of the device which helps to cook the food.

If you did not find any problems from the above check list then the heating element is faulty and the best solution is to call the support line of the product or go to a technician.

 How do I fix an air fryer that won’t heat up for you?


Now I know why is my air fryer not heating up, so what is the solution. Here it is –

  • If there is a faulty cable, then change it and try again. It still not working then check the outlet with a multimeter and that is the issue then change the outlet.
  • Always close the door properly. Do not overcrowd the basket with food as it will not allow the door to close and that case the fryer will not work.
  • Make sure that the pre temp is already set up so that you can push a button and start cooking. However, if the air fryer is not working then go through the settings and set the temp and try again.
  • Set the timer before pressing start as it will not work.
  • If you identify the issue with the heating element then the best option is talking or taking the appliance to a technician.
  • Always keep the basket clean as gunk builds up it will close the air path of the heat that comes over the food for cooking.

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Final thoughts

Air fryers are handy and helps one to maintain a healthy diet without sacrificing their favorite foods. However, as an electronic device issues arise especially the device starts not heating up.

That is why we wrote the article which will guide you through why is my air fryer not heating up properly, what are the reasons and how to resolve those issues easily.  




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